Honesty and authenticity

Our family is one of the oldest wine-growing families in South Tyrol. Our winemaking history began many generations ago, here where the vines grow on the red rock, the porphyry, typical of this region. Our surname is also the namesake of the red rock. Today, Toni, the father, and Hannes, the son, jointly conduct the affairs of the winery, supported by the women in the family. Honesty and authenticity are our most important values in private life and in our work.

The experienced


“Wine is like a young child to me. It must always be taken care of so that it can mature to be its best, and can be bottled with pride and joy.”

I completed my training as an oenologist in Waedenswil, Switzerland. From the very start, I supported my father in the business and soon took on the technical duties in the winery. From the purely export business with initially only four varieties, the size of the company and the product range has constantly increased. Today we produce 16 different varieties of white and red wines. Since 2001, my son Hannes has worked in the business, mainly as a professional winemaker. This way, I can pay more attention to the wine-growing.

Cellar master


One thing for me has always been clear – I wanted to stay true to the wine. As a child, it was for me an almost magical process that turned a grape into a prohibited and yet so desirable drink. This fascination has lasted up to this day – even though my studies made of it an absolutely natural process. Wine, the beverage of the gods, would never become that what it is to drink without human intervention, but yet its quality remains entirely dependent on nature, and this is just incredibly exciting to me in all its facets.

I would not want to miss, either, my world that has developed around wine: fun-loving aficionados, mostly friendly and hospitable people who dedicate their lives to wine, somehow all somewhat similar in character. Maybe because they share something, namely giving their best to create the perfect wine, but fail again and again every year, given the borders which nature sets for us. And so, working with the wine never becomes boring. There is always room for constant improvement.



“To me wine is family tradition with roots, and the courage to innovate.”

Since I got married to Hannes in June, 2012, it was clear to me that I would enter into the family business. Recently, I began taking care of sales and marketing, for which my time at the South Tyrol Marketing Agency (SMG) has provided me with applicable skills along the career ladder. Alongside, I have been acquiring the necessary wine knowledge in my training as sommelier. I pursue my passion for classical music in my spare time. Even though my music studies have little to do with my current job, it has enriched me with many wonderful experiences.

nature lover


My family were winegrowers, and so I learnt about wine at an early age and developed a real passion for the subject. Although I eventually decided to study educational science, I never lost my enthusiasm for wine. After completing a Sommelier course, I went on to join my parents’ business. My first job involved taking over the task of training the vines at the vineyard I took over from my grandparents. Right from the start, I was keen to learn all about producing fine, honest wines.

Today, in my own vineyard, I still take care of the production side, starting with the production of grapes, an aspect I am well acquainted with. It’s very exciting to see how nature alters slightly from year to year, and how our wine alters accordingly. At the same time, I insist on consistency, which is the hallmark of quality… knowing that such a commitment requires extra effort, and putting your heart into the job. That’s why it makes me so proud to be able to say “That’s mine!” about one of my wines.