The Hans Rottensteiner Estate introduces the new wine in the Select Line: “Vigna Premstallerhof Select” which came out on the market on the 1st of September.

Quality originates in the vineyard.” This is a deep conviction in Hannes Rottensteiner, owner and enologist at the Hans Rottensteiner Estate in Bolzano. Our family has always had a very close tie with the Schiava grape variety, especially with the types of wine in the Santa Maddalena DOC. That is one of the reasons why we set the goal to make a Santa Maddalena that would epitomize the terroir and also be suited to an international audience.” 

The central vineyard in this decision is the Maso Premstaller, which the Vogel family in Zurich owns. In fact, the farmstead is located in Santa Maddalena, between 450 and 550 meters above Bolzano and it’s definitely not just one of the biggest farmsteads in the area, but also one of the best in terms of quality. “My dream was to produce an absolutely top notch Santa Maddalena from the grapes on the Maso Premstaller,” says Gertrud Vogel, “working in perfect harmony with nature, using biodynamic principles and absolute diligence in the vineyard.” From a careful selection of the Schiava and Lagrein grapes grown in the best areas of the Maso Premstaller thus comes the “Vigna Premstallerhof Select” Santa Maddalena Classico. An elegant and complex wine that impresses with its typicality, concentration, and linearity.

Indeed, Santa Maddalena is an extremely peculiar wine; it is made up of the varieties Schiava and Lagrein. The latter is a grape variety that primarily grows in the low areas of the Premstallerhof farmstead. That is why after years of research Hannes and Gertrude decided to pick a special part of the vineyard and to make the lower “rows” into wine separately, being much higher quality, and thus increasing the percentage of Lagrein to 13%.

Starting with PREMSTALLERHOF VINEYARD in the CRU line, the Rottensteiner company had chosen to up the prestige of Santa Maddalena, having it certified as VINEYARD. Now the Select represents yet another step forward where, like in all the  company’s wine, it is primarily the origin and the vineyard that determine the wine quality rather than the work done at the winery. “The Select Line encompasses the “gems” of the Rottensteiner winery,” explains Hannes, in fact, “The label with the family crest represents the value, elegance, and heritage of this unique wine and the identifications that are born out of high quality vineyards.”

The St. Magdalener Classico Vigna Premstallerhof Select 2020 will be launched on September 1st.