Our Christmas greeting 2022

Christmas Story by Hannes Rottensteiner nr.4 – Father Christmas

Our Christmas story this year is about the special faith and magic around this day.
Become children once again and experience Christmas through the eyes of the little ones.

Take a few minutes for our very personal Christmas greeting.

Father Christmas

Christmas story by Hannes Rottensteiner – N.4

Father Christmas* does not exist. That’s a fact. We know all too well that parents rack their brains every year thinking how to get the presents under the tree without the children noticing.
And we constantly make up stories to keep this seemingly nonsensical construct in place despite the little ones’ ever-growing suspicions.

So it was that last year I thought it was about time I explained the matter to my children. However, my wife held me back and, wanting to avoid an argument, I agreed to wait yet another year before revealing the big truth. Then Christmas got closer and closer. The children wrote their wish lists and stuck their favorite stickers on the carefully checked lists so as to make Father Christmas happy. And, of course, they also checked that the letters were taken.

The tension increased. Finally, Christmas Eve arrived. The little ones were anxious, sliding up and down from their chairs during dinner, desperate to pull themselves together, being careful not to scare Father Christmas away at the very last moment. Until finally the clock chimed. Their eyes lit up and they approached the Christmas Tree, whispering ” Father Christmas!” And as they stood there holding hands, eyes shining, hearts beating, it seemed to me that Father Christmas was indeed sitting on the window smiling at us. No, we should not take away children’s faith in the magic of Christmas. And we should somehow convince ourselves of its existence. In the Spirit of Christmas.

*In South Tyrol, gifts for children are brought by the Father Christmas and not by Santa Claus.

Here are our Christmas stories to print and read aloud!

With this story we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May it bring serenity and prosperity to all of us.

Judith and Hannes Rottensteiner