Alto Adige DOC

Starting from its place of birth in the village Termeno (Tramin) in the southern South Tyrol, this variety conquered almost the whole world. Still, it shows its best characteristics in its home country, with its typical spicy (cloves), floral (roses) and fruity (lychee) notes.




14,9% vol

Service temperature

8–10 °C


The grapes of our Gewürztraminer grow on the hills around Bolzano: S. Pietro, S. Giorgio e Guncina and at Caldaro.


After a slow pressing of 5-6 hours, the wine ferments at 20°C, and after it matures in stainless steel tanks. The conservation of the typical aromas has the utmost priority.


With the Classic Line Gewürztraminer, we wanted to underline the elegant side of this variety. It is almost dry, which makes it easier to drink than its sweeter relatives, and it is also easier to combine with various dishes. A good choice as an aperitif, with tasty starters, grilled fish, seafood, crustaceans and white meat.


White wine

A fresh and lively wine with aromas reminiscent of citrus fruit and green apple.

White wine

Mineral, fresh and aromatic.

White wine

Its aroma is captivating and at the same time dry, making this wine unique.