Müller Thurgau

Alto Adige DOC

What would Mr Müller have said, if he knew about the huge success his new variety had? After all, it is the most common German variety, and also it plays an important role in South Tyrol.




13,1% vol

Service temperature

8–10 °C

Falstaff Vintage 2021 90 Points

I Migliori Vini Italiani Vintage 2021 94 Points


Our Müller Thurgau is grown mainly in two vineyards high above the city of Bolzano, at an altitude of 600-700 m, close to Rafenstein Castle. The altitude favours the development of the aroma and guarantees a good level of acidity. Both are very important for this variety.


The Müller Thurgau undergoes fermentation at 20°C and maturates in stainless steel tanks.


Due to the varieties of Riesling and Chasselas (Gutedel) as parents, the Müller Thurgau has notable characteristics, with its elegant aroma, its flowery notes of elder and a spicy muscatel. The Müller Thurgau is a very good aperitif wine and is great to drink matched with starters, fish and not too spicy meat.


White wine

It grows on the sunny, often steep slopes above the impressive ravine of the Isarco river.

White wine

Abundant body combines with exciting elegance.

White wine

Very structured and at the same time mineral and elegant.