Pinot Noir

Alto Adige DOC

The Pinot Noir has been cultivated in South Tyrol for approximately 150 years, and it feels very comfortable in this area. South Tyrol’s Pinot Noirs are among the best in Italy and they have also drawn attention to themselves at international tastings. Tough, the Pinot Noir is a very difficult variety, with demanding requirements from the soil and the climate, reacting very sensitively in excessive productions and demanding the highest attention in the cellar.




13,7% vol

Service temperature

17–18 °C

James Suckling Vintage 2019 89 Points

Vinous Vintage 2019 88 Points


The grapes for our Pinot Noir grow on the vineyards around the hills of Bolzano.


After fermentation at 25°C, the Pinot Noir matures in big wooden barrels to develop all its characteristics optimally.


The Pinot Noir is a full-bodied, elegant and fruity red, with a distinctive sour cherry aroma, which goes perfectly well to red meat, venison and zesty cheese.


Red wine

Our flagship product.

Red wine

The wine comes around in large wood casks to better develop its characteristics.

Red wine

Its flavor is robust, full, and lingering, with supple tannins.