Santa Maddalena Classico

Alto Adige DOC

Santa Maddalena maybe is the best area for wine in the entire South Tyrol. In 1941, the St. Magdalener was nominated – together with Barbaresco and Barolo – as one of the three wines of Italy.
Schiava grapes, together with 4 – 5 % of Lagrein, comprise the St. Magdalener. As this Lagrein is cultivated in the same vineyard as the Schiava grapes and they are harvested together, it can be integrated from the beginning, making for a perfect harmony.




13,4% vol

Service temperature

15 °C


The vineyard orientation toward the South - South East of Santa Maddalena is optimal, and together with the loose sandy porphyry soil we have all the necessary requirements to produce great wines.


After fermentation at 25°C, the Santa Maddalena maturates in stainless steel tanks.


The Santa Maddalena is a slender wine, fruity and full-bodied, reminiscent of violets and cherries and slightly of bitter almonds in the finish. It can be served with almost every dish, starters, fish, white and red meat, even with venison. The best temperature is about 15–18 °C, it should be drunk within 3 years after bottling.


Red wine

Our flagship product.

Red wine

The wine comes around in large wood casks to better develop its characteristics.

Red wine

Its flavor is robust, full, and lingering, with supple tannins.