Alto Adige DOC

150 years ago, Archduke Johann of Austria brought this variety to South Tyrol. In the meantime this variety is homelike in the whole region.




14,1% vol

Service temperature


Wine Enthusiast Vintage 2021 92 Points

Bibenda Vintage 2021

I Migliori Vini Italiani Vintage 2021 95 Points

Sauvignon Selection Vintage 2023  Silver


The Sauvignon is the youngest offspring in our cellars. It was planted in the year 2001 by one of our best winegrowers in Missiano near Appiano and in 2003 the first grapes came to the winery.


The control of the fermentation temperature is even more important for Sauvignon than it is for most of the other varieties, as well as avoiding malolactic fermentation and oxidation processes. After fermentation at 19°C, the Sauvignon maturates in stainless steel tanks.


It is well known that Appiano is very suitable for the cultivation of Sauvignon. Our Sauvignon is characterised by sapidity, freshness, the fine aromaticity and its typical notes of paprika and elder. The Sauvignon is good as an aperitif, with not too heavy starters and most fish dishes. Sauvignon combined with asparagus is a speciality in the region. Therefore the Sauvignon is also called “Spargelwein” (Wine for Asparagus).


White wine

It grows on the sunny, often steep slopes above the impressive ravine of the Isarco river.

White wine

Its aroma is captivating and at the same time dry, making this wine unique.

White wine

Unmistakable, with its spiced, floral, and fruity notes.