Select Cabernet

Alto Adige Cabernet Riserva DOC

A wine that pays tribute to the founder of the winery, Hans Rottensteiner, who decades ago planted the vineyard that is home to this Cabernet Selection. The relatively large proportion of Cabernet Franc gives the wine its fine earthy notes that result in its elegance.




13,8% vol

Service temperature

17–18 °C


Our Cabernet “Select” grows in Branzollo, 10 km south of Bolzano. This 35- year-old vineyard is composed of 50 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 50 % Cabernet Franc. This perhaps makes our “Select” a bit more difficult to understand than many of its brothers of the New World, but also very interesting and characteristic.


The dark garnet colour, the fine aroma, with a slight hint of currants and wild wine, surrounded by a light vanilla taste acquired in a year in French barrique, the full and velvety body make this wine a taste experience not only for traditional Cabernet fans. It is very good with spicy dishes, such as grilled or roasted red meat, game or strong cheese. As a serving temperature we would recommend 18–20 °C. The ageing potential is about 5 – 6 years, good vintages even longer.


Red wine

A selection of Santa Maddalena which seduces with its diversity, concentration, and complexity.

Red wine

An elegant hint of vanilla rounds out its complex flavor.

Red wine

Fruity, velvety personality, rounded out by using small French barrique barrels.