What does “aged in barrique” mean?

Meant are wines that mature in a small oak barrel, which classically holds 225 liters. The reason: a barrel of this size could once be lifted by a dock worker when empty. The barrel itself weighs about 45 kilograms.

We use barrique for strong red wines such as Lagrein, Cabernet and Pinot Noir. But also strong white wines like Chardonnay and Sauvignon are suitable for aging in barrique barrels.

There are several reasons for using small wooden barrels: Tannins and phenols are released into the wine. This makes it naturally durable and it has a good aging potential. In addition, our red wines become softer, more complex and milder. Also because oxygen can enter through the pores of the wood. This is the secret of the barrique.

The wood is noticeable in the smell and taste of the wine. The “toasting degree” of the barrique barrel is also decisive for this. We use only barrels with medium toasting and therefore obtain delicate vanilla and tobacco notes. In addition, the oak wood shapes the color, tannin content and quality of the wine through low exposure to oxygen and little evaporation.

Currently you can find 112 of these barrels in our cellar. We mainly use barriques made of French wood to give structure and maturity to our red wines. The wines are stored in these barrels for about 12 months. Once a year all the barrels are tasted separately. There we pay very strict attention to the evolution of the wine and only the best barrels are refilled with our selection wines.

„The barrique should support the wine but remain always in the background. The wooden notes should never come to the fore or even cover up the wine. Then the barrique can make a good wine even better. However, for me it isn’t a sign of quality from the front. The content, the wine, is important: his body, his harmony and elegance. Aging in barrique is ultimately a small building block to achieve this.”
Hannes Rottensteiner – oenologist

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