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Point of sale of the Rottensteiner winery in Bolzano


For over 50 years we have been continuing on the dream of our grandfather, Hans, in producing our own wine.

Founded in 1956, Hans' focus was selling open wines from the winery to Switzerland. In the 1980’s, his son Toni changed over to marketing bottled wines, and since 2001 he has been supported by his grandson Hannes. Not only have the grapes from the family’s 10 hectares  been processed from the onset, but also that of 60 regional grape growers  as well. This close cooperation has extended for generations and is essentially responsible for the excellent quality of the wines.

We have been consciously committed to the varietal character of the particular wines  with a clear focus on the Bolzano varieties Lagrein and St. Magdalener.

Harvesting of wine grapes for the Rottensteiner wineryFarmer transports its grapes to the Rottensteiner winery


We are convinced that the harmonious feeling that resides in the vineyard and wine cellar is also reflected in the wine itself. Around 100 persons work attentively year-round making certain that the quality of the grapes that goes into the bottle is unaltered, and each of these individuals is important to us. A very careful handling of the grapes in the vineyards and in the wine cellar is an absolute necessity. No wine is bottled if the entire family is not absolutely convinced of it.

Wine cellar of the Rottensteiner winery in Bolzano, ItalyWine tasting in the wine cellar of Rottensteiner winery

Wine Cellar

The actual quality of the wines is dependent on the slopes where the vines grow. Modern technology should merely support and maintain this. In our wine cellars, tradition meets innovation. 50-year old wooden barrels are lined up next to stainless steel tanks and barrique barrels. We cultivate the individual sites separately as far as possible, in order to select out the best possible characteristics, and to then ultimately compose the final wines.

Hannes Rottensteiner tastes wine, South Tyrol, Italy


Personal contact to our customers is very important to us. In our wine sales shop, you have the opportunity to taste the variety and quality of our great selection. We will gladly advise you on your choice of wines.

Upon request, we will gladly organise a wine cellar tour with guided tasting for groups of up to 30 persons.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 8 – 12 a.m. and 2 – 6 p.m.

Saturday from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Point of sale of Rottensteiner Winery in Bolzano, Italy


Our wines are available through specialised South Tyrolean retailers and are served in numerous hotels and restaurants. We will gladly provide you with names of suppliers in your area for both domestic and international orders. Of course we can directly provide you with individual and personal sales advice.

Wine assortment of the Rottensteiner winery, Bolzano


Wine enjoyment – this is Toni and Hannes' motto. Elegance and drinkability are at the forefront of our wines. Along with this, the typicity of the wine, the expression of the variety and terroir, is clear and recognizable. This is the reason why most of our wines are varietal and our focus is on those vines typical to our region.


Fresh, young and easygoing, just like a young animal – this is our new wine. We set ourselves the task to create a modern and uncomplicated white cuvee - slightly aromatic and easy to drink. In 2017 we present KITZ the first time on the market.

The name refers to the German term of the kid ibex, our heraldic animal. A wine ranked under our classical line but which is related to the other products by style and straightforwardness.


IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti

This white cuvee is fresh, fruity and smooth in the mouth. Hannes focused mainly on the Burgundy varieties: The Sauvignon is clearly perceptible in the nose; the Pinot Blanc gives the elegance to the wine and the Pinot Gris the glaze.

Our new white cuvee aims to please. It is easy to drink and makes the perfect wine for an informal aperitif and an excellent accompaniment for light starters.

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The Classic Line demonstrates the variety of our assortment. Eight white wines, a rosé, and five red wines are available. Drinkability, elegance and the varietal typicity stand out in these wines.

The Alpine ibex is our heraldic animal, and serves as the motif of the collection's label. The bright choice of colour and the light playfulness should convey the youthful freshness and fun that we hope for while drinking our wines.

Pinot Bianco

Alto Adige Pinot Bianco DOC

A light, fresh white wine with fruity notes reminiscent of citrus and green apples. Our Pinot Bianco (Pinot Blanc) derives from the higher hillsides around Bolzano with their sunny slopes and porphyry terroir. It makes an excellent aperitif, and goes well with starters and light fish dishes. 

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Alto Adige Valle Isarco Sylvaner DOC

This variety is especially native to the Isarco Valley. Grown on the steep slopes of the valley, the Sylvaner develops its particular sprightliness here. With its citrus fruit and alpine herbal aromas, it is an ideal companion to light starters, asparagus, or fish dishes. 

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Müller Thurgau

Alto Adige Müller Thurgau DOC

Our Müller Thurgau captivates with its elegant aroma, elder floral notes, and hints of spicy muscatel. The high elevations near the ruins of  Rafenstein Castle and Runkelstein Castle favor the development of its bouquet and acidity. Both are extremely important for this variety.

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Alto Adige Chardonnay DOC

A notable body meets stimulating elegance, fine fruity notes and an exciting freshness which makes you want more. Our Chardonnay is a typical representative of its kind. It goes well with fish, medium-bodied starters and white meat.

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Pinot Grigio

Alto Adige Pinot Grigio DOC

Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris) has in the meantime become the most widespread white grape variety in South Tyrol. This grape delivers complex wines, with intense color and banana, vanilla and herbal notes. This full-bodied and yet minerally elegant wine goes well with fish, appetizers, and not too spicy white meat.

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Alto Adige Sauvignon DOC

Our Sauvignon presents itself with typical notes of paprika and stinging nettle, and a subtle mineral element and crispness. This wine makes a good aperitif, goes with starters and fish dishes. The Sauvignon is the latest wine in our wine cellar. The first grapes from the Nussbaumerhof estate in Missiano/Missian were pressed in 2003.

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Moscato Giallo

Alto Adige Moscato Giallo DOC

Our Moscato Giallo impresses with its bouquet of a pleasant nutmeg note, somewhat reminiscent of a sweet wine. Yet on the palate it is dry and is suited to drink as an aperitif, with fish and crustaceans. A drinkable light white wine which makes you long for more

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Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC

The Gewürztraminer is one of the most well-known wines of South Tyrol. Unmistakable in bouquet and taste with its typical spicy, floral, and at the same time fruity notes. For this wine we have purposely accentuated its elegance, making it easy and versatile to drink. 

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Lagrein Rosé

Alto Adige Lagrein Rosé DOC

Our Rosé is harvested in Gries, the classic Lagrein-growing zone. A high-quality grape and a rigorous controlling during the entire processing brings a wine to life which distinguishes itself through fruity notes of cherries and strawberries and an exceptional crispness.

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Lago di Caldaro

Lago di Caldaro Scelto DOC

The Lago di Caldaro (Kalterersee) is probably the best-known South Tyrolean wine – and in the meantime its quality is way better than its reputation. As all Schiava wines, this one can also be served in many ways. A light wine, easy to drink, adaptable, and especially matched to the traditional South Tyrolean Marende (cold cuts and cheese platter).

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St. Magdalener

Alto Adige St. Magdalener Classico DOC

The particular blend of 95% Schiava and 5% Lagrein grapes gives this wine its fruitiness, elegance and strength. In the bouquet, violets and cherries prevail, with a slight bitter almond note in the finish. It can accompany almost all dishes: starters, fish, white and red meat and even game. 

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Lagrein Riserva

Alto Adige Lagrein Riserva DOC

One of South Tyrol’s oldest grape varieties, the Lagrein is the flagship wine for us as a Bolzano winery. After maturation in large wooden barrels, the wine is a dark ruby-red with hints of violets, chocolate, and licorice; velvety and slightly dry on the palate.

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Pinot Nero

Alto Adige Pinot Nero DOC

The Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) is a full-bodied and fruity red wine with a distinct sour cherry note, which fits well to red meat, game and zesty cheese. The grapes for our Pinot Nero derive from the sloping vineyards around Bolzano and the wine is matured in large wooden barrels.

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Alto Adige Cabernet Riserva DOC

The large proportion of Cabernet Franc (25%) gives this wine its distinctive character: an intense aroma of red currants with a slight grassy note, full-bodied and lasting with soft tannins. It is a good accompaniment to almost all bold dishes, roasted and grilled red meat, but especially to game and pungent cheese. 

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The origin of these wines comes first and foremost, whether in respect of their location or of the family. It is not the cellaring technique, but rather the wines’ origin from particularly good locations that distinguishes them from the Classic Line. In terms of varieties the winery focuses on the typical representatives of South Tyrol. Two single vineyards in particular are protected by the “Vigna” denomination of origin.

Pinot Blanc Carnol

Alto Adige Pinot Bianco DOC

The grapes derive from our best Pinot Biano (Pinot Blanc) vineyards around Bolzano. The Carnol distinguishes itself through fruity notes of citrus fruits and apples, crispness and vivacity, as well as a good body.

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Gewürztraminer Cancenai

Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC

Grown in its native town of Termeno/Tramin, our Gewürztraminer Cacenai demonstrates an astonishing body, with hints of rose, cloves and honey; an understated sweet component and notable length. The Gewürztraminer goes well with Asian cuisine and zesty cheese.

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Schiava Vigna Kristplonerhof

Alto Adige Schiava DOC

Our Schiava is made exclusively from grapes from the Kristplonerhof estate in Bolzano, which is run by Evi Rottensteiner. An easy to drink and fruity wine, with notes of violets, cherries and bitter almond, yet with good body, which lets it be paired with many kinds of dishes.

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Santa Maddalena classico Vigna Premstallerhof

Alto Adige St. Magdalener Classico DOC

A dark ruby-red, a fine aroma reminiscent of violets and cherries, and full taste with very smooth tannins, and all this with an astonishing length. The Premstallerhof is a wine that does not only appeal to Schiava lovers. Gertrud Vogel personally operates the vineyard according to bio-dynamical principles.

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The Select Line wines are the heavyweights from our cellar. These wines are barrel-matured, albeit an exceptionally careful handling of new wood ensures that the wine, and not the barrel, remains in the forefront. The Select wines can be aged; their full potential can, by all means, be unveiled a few years later.

The label features the family coat of arms and symbolises the quality, elegance and tradition of these wines.

Select Prem

Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso IGT

Prem was created because of our conviction that it must be possible to produce a notable red wine from the Schiava variety which can compete with the Alto Adige Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir). The Prem is an unusually full-bodied wine for a Schiava variety, with an appealing elegance.

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Select Pinot Nero

Alto Adige Pinot Nero Riserva DOC

Our Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) comes from the best Pinot Nero vineyards in Bolzano. In the vineyard, this wine requires strict yield control, good aeration, cool nights, and sunny days. An elegant vanilla note, achieved after a year-long maturation in a French barrique, rounds out the enjoyable drinking experience.

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Select Lagrein

Alto Adige Lagrein Grieser Riserva DOC

Our Lagrein Select is comprised of grapes from three very old vineyards in the centre of Gries, with more than 30 year-old vines. The wine is characterized by a splendid aroma of violets, chocolate, licorice, berries and tobacco. The fruity character and velvety taste are rounded off by maturation in French barrique.

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Select Cabernet

Alto Adige Cabernet Riserva DOC

The Cabernet Select comes from a 35-year old vineyard, which is cultivated to 50% with Cabernet Sauvignon and  the other half with Cabernet Franc. The dark garnet color, the fine bouquet, with a slight hint of red currants and wild wine, rounded off by a light vanilla note acquired in French barrique maturation, and the full, velvety body make this wine a taste experience not only for Cabernet fans.

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As a result of an experiment, an indispensable fixture in our assortment came into being – our Cresta, a special sweet wine made from dried Gewürztraminer grapes from the family-owned Kristplonerhof estate.

The label shows the parchment of the estate‘s purchase contract from 1769. For the Cresta ought also to be a tribute to this site, on which our family has been working since the era of Maria Theresia. Thus, we wish to underscore that tradition and origin play a very significant role also in this wine.


Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Passito DOC

The Gewürztraminer grapes are dried for 5 months after harvest and then they are pressed.  The result is a sweet, golden yellow wine, with a bouquet of orange zest, honey, and dried fruit. The Cresta tastes best with sweet dishes and pungent cheese, especially with blue cheese like Roquefort and Gorgonzola.

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Rottensteiner winery in the middle of vineyards, Italy


The history of the city of Bolzano is closely tied to viniculture, just as is our family. The return to our ancestry and to the continuation of traditions are important guideposts for our daily work. Five estates are particularly tied to our family and business – each with its own history.

The Reiterhof is owned by the Rottensteiner familyReiterhof estate of the family Rottensteiner in Bolzano


This is the homestead of Toni Rottensteiner – this is where it all began with a small tavern. Today, Tony's nephew Klaus manages the Reiterhof estate. Located at 450 meters above sea level in the hamlet of San Pietro, in the classic St. Magdalener growing region, the vineyard has a South-West exposure, and the vines are planted on loose porphyry soil. Here  Schiava, Chardonnay and Pinot Nero (Pino Noir) are cultivated.

Park in the Hofmannhof estate of Rottensteiner wineryHofmannhof estate of the Rottensteiner winery Bolzano


The Hofmannhof estate, from the 16th century, originally belonged to the Rosenthal porcelain family dynasty, and came into our family possession in the early 1970’s. This estate is the homestead of the young generation of Rottensteiners and is now run by Silvia, the youngest daughter.

The vineyard stretches over sloping hillsides, but also extends into the Grieser valley bed, at an altitude between 270 – 350 meters. The slopes with their south to south-easterly exposure and loose porphyry soils are cultivated with Schiava grapes. In the valley bottom, the deep alluvial terrain near the Talvera River offers prime conditions for the Lagrein.

Kristplonerhof of the family Rottensteiner over BolzanoKristplonerhof with view over the Italian city Bolzano


The Kristplonerhof estate is the homestead of Rosl Rottensteiner and is now run by Evi, the oldest daughter of the family. The Kristplonerhof estate is certainly one of the oldest vineyards in the Bolzano area. Mentioned in written form for the first time around 1000, the estate was once the property of the bishopric of Trento. Therefore, the area around the Kristplonerhof today is known as the Walschwinkel (Italian corner). The Kristplonerhof estate is located in Guncina, at an elevation of 400 to 550 meters with a south-easterly exposure. The soils are fine-grained and porphyritic. The varieties Schiava, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Nero (Pino Noir) grow here.

Two special wines from our assortment derive from this estate, the Schiava Kristplonerhof and the Gewürztraminer Passito Cresta.

The Premstallerhof over Bolzano in South Tyrol, ItalyPremstallerhof with view to the Dolomites, South Tyrol


Although the Premstallerhof estate is not owned by our family, the vineyard and the Swiss owners, the Vogel family, are still closely linked to the fate and affairs of the winery.

The Premstallerhof  located in Santa Maddalena at 400 to 500 meters above sea level and with its approximately four hectares, is not only one of the largest, but also one of the best qualitative estates in the area. The South-East exposure, together with the excellent topographic conditions and the loose porphyry soil, make for one of the best DOC St. Magdalener, the Premstallerhof.

Gertrud Vogel manages the estate today, applying biodynamic principles in utmost harmony with nature.

The Köfelehof is in the vinyards of Rottensteiner wineryGrapes in front of the Köfelehof in Bolzano, South Tyrol


The Koefelehof estate is a new addition to our family and is managed by Hannes. From the farmstead, there is a wonderful view of the Torre Druso tower, the round sliced tower of Treuenstein Castle, which has become a bit of a symbol of the winery.

The vineyards of the estate are spread out among the municipalities of Bolzano and Caldaro. The slope sides in Bolzano, with their loose porphyry are very good for growing Schiava, while the valley bed, with predominantly sedimentary soil, is ideal for the Lagrein variety. The soils in Caldaro are very much more calcareous. Here Gewürztraminer, Pinot Biano (Pinot Blanc), Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris) grapes thrive.

The wine-growing Family Rottensteiner of Bolzano, ItalyToni and Hannes of the Rottensteiner winery, Bolzano


Our family is one of the oldest wine-growing families in South Tyrol. Our winemaking history began many generations ago, here where the vines grow on the red rock, the porphyry, typical of this region. Our surname is also the namesake of the red rock.

Today, Toni, the father, and Hannes, the son, jointly conduct the affairs of the winery, supported by the women in the family. Honesty and authenticity are our most important values in private life and in our work.

Toni of the winery Rottensteiner in Bolzano, ItalyQuality check of the grapes by Toni Rottensteiner


"Wine is like a young child to me. It must always be taken care of so that it can mature to be its best, and can be bottled with pride and joy."

I completed my training as an oenologist in Waedenswil, Switzerland. From the very start, I supported my father in the business and soon took on the technical duties in the winery. From the purely export business with initially only four varieties, the size of the company and the product range has constantly increased. Today we produce 16 different varieties of white and red wines. Since 2001, my son Hannes has worked in the business, mainly as a professional winemaker. This way, I can pay more attention to the wine-growing.

Hannes Rottensteiner tastes his wines in the wineryThe Rottensteiner winery produces high quality wines


One thing for me has always been clear – I wanted to stay true to the wine. As a child, it was for me an almost magical process that turned a grape into a prohibited and yet so desirable drink. This fascination has lasted up to this day – even though my studies made of it an absolutely natural process. Wine, the beverage of the gods, would never become that what it is to drink without human intervention, but yet its quality remains entirely dependent on nature, and this is just incredibly exciting to me in all its facets. I would not want to miss, either, my world that has developed around wine: fun-loving aficionados, mostly friendly and hospitable people who dedicate their lives to wine, somehow all somewhat similar in character. Maybe because they share something, namely giving their best to create the perfect wine, but fail again and again every year, given the borders which nature sets for us. And so, working with the wine never becomes boring. There is always room for constant improvement.

Judith from the Rottensteiner winery in Bolzano, ItalyJudith from the Italian Rottensteiner winery in Bolzano


"To me wine is family tradition with roots, and the courage to innovate."

Since I got married to Hannes in June, 2012, it was clear to me that I would enter into the family business. Recently, I began taking care of sales and marketing, for which my time at the South Tyrol Marketing Agency (SMG) has provided me with applicable skills along the career ladder. Alongside, I have been acquiring the necessary wine knowledge in my training as sommelier. I pursue my passion for classical music in my spare time. Even though my music studies have little to do with my current job, it has enriched me with many wonderful experiences.


My family were winegrowers, and so I learnt about wine at an early age and developed a real passion for the subject. Although I eventually decided to study educational science, I never lost my enthusiasm for wine. After completing a Sommelier course, I went on to join my parents’ business. My first job involved taking over the task of training the vines at the vineyard I took over from my grandparents. Right from the start, I was keen to learn all about producing fine, honest wines. Today, in my own vineyard, I still take care of the production side, starting with the production of grapes, an aspect I am well acquainted with. It’s very exciting to see how nature alters slightly from year to year, and how our wine alters accordingly. At the same time, I insist on consistency, which is the hallmark of quality... knowing that such a commitment requires extra effort, and putting your heart into the job. That’s why it makes me so proud to be able to say “That’s mine!” about one of my wines.



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